Reversible Mattress Pad

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  • Ideal for hot and cold climates and all-season comfort.
  • Deep pile plush for warming on one side, performance treated wicking fabric for cooling on the other.
  • Clean-finished bound seams for reversibility
  • Patent-pending FORMFITTM Technology by Sure Fit
    anchors corners to any mattress up to 18 inch
  • 100% polyester cover with extra soft peached finish
  • 9 inch diamond quilted pattern with 8 oz. hypoallergenic fill

Overall Rating: 5
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  • Pretty nice

    they sent the wrong size, but i had already opened it and they say no returns. So, i set out to live with it. Mfirst, this is very heavy, very plush. It has none of the cheese cloth feel of old style pads. As promised, one side is a very soft plush, the sort of thing the make teddy bears with. The other side feels like a slightly stiff cottin sheet, not quite as soft as my sheets. The sides are stretchy, but substantial, quit a bit more so than the gauze and elastic of my old pad. The seams are bound with tape, a good step up from the usual craftsmanship of mattress pads. And though this is not the kind they sell as waterproof, the packaging says it is waterproof. This would have meant more to me as a young woman once a month, as most of us have stained a few mattresses. The material doesnt rustle like some waterproofing. I cant say the thing keeps me cool, as is advertised, but it is very plush and comfy, maybe more so for being too big for the bed. The price was very reasonable for something so well made. I am very pleased with this purchase

  • A Mattress Pad that stays in place!

    First mattress pad I have owned that stays in place on the mattress. I love the deep sides, the extra grip piece that goes under the mattress and how easy it was to put on. I couldn't remember which side was cooling or warming - it does seem logical but having a symbol or wording on the ribbons might help others that would be confused quickly figure it out. I am using the cooling side right now and I do like it - moving to a different spot when a hot flash hits brings a cool relief. I am impressed with this mattress pad and strongly considering upgrading the others in my house!

  • I would recommend it to my friends.

  • The comfort is ...

    The comfort is beyond my expectations . Highly recommend.

  • Soft and sure fit

    I am one of the not so bright ones that have no clue which side is the cooling side or the warming side! My husband put it on the plush side and asked me to lay down on try it out, well, within 3 minutes I was fast asleep on a bed of soft and squishy marshmallows! Still have no idea if it was the warm side because I had the air conditioner on full blast, so I will have to hope its the cool because I do not want to wake up to switch it! It would be really nice if they had a mark for "cool" and "warm"! Now if they will only make sheet sets out of the stretch leather material, then we will be sleeping in pure bliss! (I bought the stretch leather chair cover and my husband always falls asleep in the chair now, he says it is so comfortable).

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